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oils for potpourri making

Oil for potpourri making

Oils for potpourri making. Use essential oils for making traditional pot pourri, or for a quicker, longer lasting method, choose fragrance oils (see Advice and Ideas for instructions for use). From Claremont & May we have a wide selection of popular fragrances such as Champagne & Roses, Lilac & Lavender and many more. Also selling selected Ancient Wisdom fragrance oils.

Lavender oil for potpourri making

lavender oil for pot pourriTry lavender essential oil for a clean fragrance with relaxing properties.
Amber glass bottle containing pure Lavendula Angustifolia bottled by Ancient Wisdom. .

Lavender essential oil 50ml. 8.49

Or buy exactly the same product in a smaller 10ml bottle. 1.99.

*Other essential oils are readily available at your local health food shop or chemist.

Simple fragrance oils for potpourri

potpourri oilA lovely range of fragrance oils in to buy in simple fragrances, mix and match to create your own blends.
99p for a 10ml bottle.

Buy fragrance oil, Choose from:

Night scented stock
Ylang ylang
Sweet pea
Tiger lily
Lily of the valley

Blended fragrance oils for pot pourri making

fragrance oil for pot pourriWe stock Claremont and Mays complete range of fragrance oils so if there is
one you can't find please ask!
All come in a 15ml glass bottle, 1.99 each.

Buy fragrance oil, choose from:
NEW! Rose Otto and Cut Flowers fragrances
Lilac & lavender
A classic floral fragrance of lavender entwined with a hint of lilac.
Champagne & roses A sensual, floral fragrance of pink roses sweet night jasmine & violet.
Amberwood Blue
Refreshing and soothing cool bergamot, lemon & lavender laced with patchouli & geranium.
Honey & vanilla Golden honey gently folded with rich, warm vanilla & delicate almond.
Orchid An exotic fragrance where sensual red orchid notes blend with ylang ylang & night jasmine.
Pink pepper & lotus pod A modern, exotic fragrance of pink pepper, freesia, ylang ylang, gardenia, with soft notes of rose, violet & white orchid.
Passion fruit and melon Mouth-watering juicy melon with a subtle hint of exotic passion fruit.
Paradise Rich, exotic tropical mango and guava with hints of floral jasmine & rose.
Frangipani A fresh, floral fragrance combining white lily, gardenia & orange blossom, resting on a soft & sensual musk base.
Cinnamon Rich & warm with spicy nutmeg, black pepper, clove & cumin, with hints of ginger.
Orange grove A zesty fragrance bursting with sunshine and a tangy orange peel aroma.
Mango & papaya A tropical fruit cocktail of mango & papaya laced with sweet melon.
Sweet pea A fresh fragrance of rose, jasmine & lily, with tones of lilac, geranium, and a hint of foliage.
Sweet Bay and Citrus
Honeysuckle and Jasmine
Cucumber and Mint
Jacaranda Wood
Oriental lime & Ginger
English Blueberry
Pink grapefruit
Black basil and liquorice
Fresh linen
White Gold (Christmas)
Satsuma & Walnut (Christmas)
Spiced Apple (Christmas).

Pot pourri oil precautions

 Avoid contact of oils with the skin, polished, painted and synthetic surfaces, and textiles.  Read instructions on the bottle.

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